Do you delight in the Lord?

Delighting in the Lord implies doing his Will willingly and passionately. Taking His business as though it were the very air that you breathe. God wants you for His possession! He wants you to be just like Him. He wants you to be Forgiving!

In a violent society such as the one we live in, forgiveness is a  difficult issue to face. How can you forgive someone who has destroyed your family, committed unspeakable acts of criminality or simply, has deeply hurt you in personal matters, ruining your career or betraying your trust?

The First instinct reaction is to get your own back, rendering evil for evil, unleashing a spiral of hatred and aggression and increased barbarism  in society or else it causes a breakdown in relations, nursing grudges and spite, an attitude that embitters life and poisons relationship.

The  Word of God erupts with force in the most varied situations of conflict and proposes, uncompromisingly, the most difficult and bravest solution: FORGIVENESS

We all make mistakes, and every time we wish to be forgiven! We plead humbly and hope that we will be given again a new start, that we will be trusted once more. If it is like that for us, will it not be so also for others? Must we not love our neighbors as ourselves?

Forgiveness is not the kind of forgetfulness that means not looking at reality in the face. Forgiveness is not about saying that something serious does not matter, or calling good what is evil. Forgiveness is an act of will and of clear thinking, and so of freedom. It is accepting our brothers or sisters as they are, despite the wrong that has been committed, as God accepts us sinners, despite our defects. Forgiveness is about not responding to an affront with an affront,  but it does as St Paul says:”Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21).

Forgiveness is about opening up for whoever does you wrong the possibility of a new relationship with you. So it gives the possibility for the two of you to begin life again, to have a future where evil does not have the last word.

Forgiveness helps us see whoever is our enemy with new eyes, recognizing them as a brother or sister, However bad they may be, they need someone to love them, to help them to change. It will be our ”Revenge Of Love”.

You could say, ”But it’s Impossible”, that’s understandable but here is the beauty of Christianity, it is not for nothing that you follow a God who, dying upon the cross asked His Father to forgive those who killed him.

TAKE COURAGE!! New Life starts here, I can assure you, you will have a peace never tasted till now and a huge but surprising new joy.



Father bless me with the wonderful power of Forgiveness! Give me the grace to unconditionally forgive those who have done me wrong.

Give me the strength to let go of all ill-will, the strength to forgive myself of my own failings and sins, knowing that you have already forgiven me.

Free me of all Anger, Hate , Un-forgiveness and Hate! Help me to delight in you!

Thank you for your Help!


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